Since 2004, The M BRUSSELS VILLAGE has become one of the key ICT business centers in Belgium.

Companies in the M-Village

Thanks to very advantageous prices and services, several startups have developed successfully, and some became leaders in their sector on a European scale.

Targeting merging companies as confirmed ones, the Village focuses primarily on companies active in the development or use of applications and value-added services based on new technologies: Smart cities, ICST, ICT …

By pushing entrepreneurs initiatives in these areas, M-VILLAGE makes sure that it is an important actor of Brussels capital within this promising and innovative sector. The synergy that the center is trying to set up between its tenants, thanks to a prestigious environment, is favourable to the development of the network for young companies.

The history of the M-Village

The M VILLAGE is located in the heart of the former RTT buildings, now classified.Its Art Deco style space, designed by Pollak in the 1930s and modernized for the needs of the center, has everything to seduce you. The inspiring of the building’s atmosphere is drawn both from its marble, moldings and golden lifts and from the willingness of the team and tenants to evolve together. His team, composed of five personalities dedicated to the startups success, who works with authenticity and comprehension for the best of experiences.

The surroundings of the M-Village

Located in a lively neighborhood, its close to every kind of shop. At a walking distance, enjoy vegan, organic and traditional cuisine as much as local food, dürüm and diverse sandwiches at your convenience.

Places where to eat near by the village
  • Dominik
  • Cannelle Pavillon
  • L’Estaminet
  • L’âne vert
  • O’Tacos
  • Le Peyrac
  • L’âne fou
  • Beauclair
  • Nomadic
  • LeToast
  • Metin Pide
  • Lale Pizzeria
  • Pizzeria Kocak
  • Chez Marraine

Places where to drink near by the village
  • ApexCoffee
  • Grocery/beers bar Le Barboteur
  • Tapas bar Gaspi
  • 1030 café
  • Copains

Cultural places nearby the village
  • Les Halles de Schaerbeek
  • L’Eglise Sainte Marie
  • Parc Reine Verte
  • Ecuries Van de Tram