At M-Village, you can receive an internal support (Gels), but also an external support (1819).

Internal support

As the Local Economy Office of Schaerbeek, Gels offers you :

  • A concrete support for the realisation of your business
  • Analysis of the project’s feasibility .
  • Searching for potential funding.
  • Advice on the choice of the company’s legal structure and of the project’s fiscal aspects.



+32 2 215 73 29
0478 99 14 05

External support

Hub Brussels is a public partner of reference. It helps Belgian and European companies on all steps of entrepreneurship by providing personalized and comprehensive support. Discover broad opportunities and a development network.

Within Hub Brussels exists the 1819. It is an information service about the different aspects related to the exercise of an economic activity in Brussels such as the financing, the choice of the legal form, the necessary authorizations, public aid … With these two partners, your company will take part in an extensive network of public bodies and private companies or associations such as Finance § Invest Brussels or Innoviris.



Hub : 02 422 00 20

1819 : 1819

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